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Ground Screw


Ground Screws - a generic term for a metal pile screwed into the ground with a large drill.
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Screw Pile


Visit Screw Piles Ltd. - specialists for mini piling and steel cased piles!
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Welcome to Earth Screws

Ground Screw foundation installation services

Ground Screws (or Earth Screws) is a generic term for a metal pile screwed into the ground with a large drill. There are two types of screw pile normally used in the UK. These are Helical screw piles and Ground Screws. We offer both types and installation.

Contact us on 01692 538000 or email with your proposal and we will provide a solution. We will formulate a layout plan of the ground screws required and give an installation cost. Installation is usually carried out in one day.

Foundation & Piling Services

Why choose ground screws

Cost Efficient

Cost efficient alternative to concrete foundations resulting in a shorter duration of the overall project and a fast, safe and efficient installation.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly which minimizes or totally eliminates the use of concrete with a reduced carbon footprint of the project.

Hassle Free Installation

Installation possible in any weather/site condition with immediate loading. Easily removable after foundations are no longer needed.

Quick Installation

Shorter duration of the project and less soil displacement with no excavation or soil disturbance and reduced transportation costs.

lightweight applications as a replacement for shallow concrete foundations

Ground Earth Screws

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