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What are Ground Screws (Earth Screws)?

Screwpiles is a generic term for a metal pile screwed into the ground with a large drill. There are two types of screw pile normally used in the UK. These are Helical screw piles and Ground Screws. We offer both types and installation.

Contact us on 01692 538000 or email with your proposal and we will provide a solution. We will formulate a layout plan of the ground screws required and give an installation cost. Installation is usually carried out in one day.

A quick, cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete foundations.
What Type Do You Need?

Helical Screw Piles

This is a robust system to install foundation in the ground subject to shrinkage or welling or that has been influenced by tree movement. They can also be used for areas consisting of soft or filled ground. Helical screw piles are heavy duty components that last approximately 85 to 120 years.

Ground Screws

These are also called ‘Earth Screws’ or ‘Soil Screws’. These are used for light weight applications as a replacement for shallow concrete foundations, They are reliant on stable, firm ground being available.

How Do They Work?
How Do They Work?

Both types of screwpile work by being screwed into the ground with the application of torque. Our light duty ground screws are used for small extensions, garden rooms and conservatories. Ground screws are a replacement system of foundations used as an alternative to normal concrete foundations which are anticipated to be up to 900mm deep. A deeper foundation will require a special triple helix screw pile or a bored or driven pile to transfer the loads to a deep soil strata.

Ground screws are supplied in 3 sizes

They are produced with the use of different sizes of tubular hollow sections for the anchor shaft formed to a screw point and galvanized to provide a 20 to 30 year life.

What size you need depends on the loadings and the ground conditions. If ground conditions are subject to clay heave or the influence of trees or it is soft or filled ground a deeper helical pile will be required to transfer the loads to good ground at depth.

Ground screws are supplied in 3 sizes

Benefits of Ground Screws:

  • Cost efficient alternative to concrete foundations.
  • Shorter duration of project.
  • Fast, safe and efficient installation.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Reduced carbon footprint of the project.
  • Installation possible in any weather or site condition.
  • Minimizes or totally eliminates the use of concrete.
  • Less soil displacement.
  • Easily removable after foundations are no longer needed.
  • Ease of access.
  • Reduced transportation costs.
  • Immediate loading.
  • No excavation or soil disturbance.